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There are numerous choices for consumers. Today they have enrolled to your membership loyalty program, tomorrow they join another one and goes on increasing. They seldom remember what benefits you have for them. 

So, how are you going to keep them engaged? 

Let’s look at these 4 strategies to employ that will heighten engagement from your Membership Management Software.

1. Member Registration Activation

You’ve cleared the initial challenge of acquiring a new member that includes the registration of their membership, welcome messaging, and a reward associated with it for the member.

Now your first step in the loyalty management is to ensure that every member reap the benefits of the reward and for this, you need to clearly state your members about it in the very first welcome message.

Engagement is the key to a successful membership program and early engagement is absolutely crucial.

Make sure that your members realise the value of the membership program prior to the membership activation. That’s why the welcome period is crucial to show the members what and how they are going to receive the benefits.

2. Reminders & Notifications

You cannot expect your members to have their membership points on the top of their mind. So it’s your duty to keep them aware and entice them to utilise their points to achieve certain goals you have set for them.

Just note that it’s not sufficient to remind your members only about the points or rewards but also how to redeem or what next action to reach their next goal. Lay out all the information clearly in your loyalty program emails, including what the available reward is, how it can be redeemed and also when it expires.

3. Personalising Members Communication

You might think that once a customer joined your loyalty program, your work is done. But in reality, some of them will be at risk, having not made a second purchase within an expected timeframe. That’s why re-engagement emails/ other communications can help you win back those customer, but they need to stand out from all the other messages hitting their inboxes. 

You need to make them feel special and that’s where personalisation comes in. Your loyalty programme emails should let your customers know that you value them and it will be worth their while returning to your store. Surprise and delight your customers with benefits, special offers, etc. Also ensure that your emails do not get lost in the inbox by creating a catchy email subject. You can also use their name and let them know that the offer is exclusively for them.

Take some time to check and analyse what they have purchased before and then tailor a reward or offer that suit their personality or behaviour, something that they would really appreciate.

Impactful and personalised loyalty program communications play a huge role in attracting and retaining your members. These communications are loyalty moments and show your members that you appreciate them and want to do something memorable for them.

4. Members Status Rewards

One measure of a successful loyalty program is the tenure of the membership. 

You must keep the members engaged and active during the whole tenure. Membership tiers or points should be celebrated, and members need to be rewarded on a consistent basis. Motivation keeps the game going and so you need to curate your membership program in such a way that it’s not too boring that members themselves never want to achieve their goals or never feel energised to walk through all the whole membership tenure. 

Consider a tiered loyalty program system. A member that reaches their 1 Tier, 2 Tier or 3 Tier milestone within certain period or tenure is extremely valuable to you.  Acknowledge these milestones and keep engaging with them at different levels or points. 

Once you just set all the campaigns, you need not worry on when and how to send. Poket Membership Management Software automatically sends the required communication to your members. All you have to do is input change the contents for once. And you’re all set!

Remember to leverage customer insights to always deliver personalised benefits that are relevant to your members. If you effectively welcome your new members, remind them of their great benefits at regular intervals, give updates of their benefits, surprise and delight them, you will definitely be running a successful loyalty program.

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