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You have learnt how to create an effective loyalty reward program. Everything is set

to be launched, but now how to promote it to get the best output! Here are five ways on how to promote your loyalty program and get your customers participate.

Advertise with Visual Graphics 

The first and the foremost requirement of promoting your loyalty program is advertisement with displays. True that your staff is there to encourage customers to sign up for membership or reward programs, displaying those rewards with visual graphics will communicate a clear story, and help to build trust and credibility.

While displaying your reward program, clearly mention the incentives and the promotions, note down how customers can sign up as members.

Here is an example of the content of the reward programs at a cafe:

Get A Free Coffee Today!

Earn 1 point for every $1 spent!

Sign up today = A free coffee today

25 points        = A free burger

50 points        = Free starter

100 points      = 20% off on your total bill

The display should be placed near the point of sale which will help the cashier to explain the customers about the benefits. Also, displays can be put outside to make customers fall in love with your reward program. Print displays, write on boards or on whatever media it is convenient for you, just make sure these ignite curiosity.

Make announcements of your reward program via push messages, emails or SMS

You have designed a new reward program and in order to promote it, make announcements. You have to let people know what you are offering them. And, what is the way to get it done? Your loyalty software should be able to send push messages, emails and/or even send SMS to your customer base. When you use a loyalty reward software, it becomes easier to collect their emails and/or mobile numbers to reach out to them for any promotions or rewards you’re offering them.

Here is an example:

Push message/ SMS:

(You should be very brief in explaining the benefits of the reward program right away)

We miss you, [customer]!

Celebrate your last days of the year with (your brand name) from 26 Dec- 1 Jan!

Bring family and friends, enjoy 30% OFF* on your total bill!

*Members only


Reward your customers for  referrals 

People influence people and nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral is the holy grail of advertising – Mark Zuckerberg

That’s why if you’re running a loyalty reward program and want to promote it, attach a referral reward to it. People love rewards, don’t be late in waiting for the right moment to attach a referral program to the promotion you’re running. You need to get to people while they’re excited about finding your company.

With the help of your loyalty software, you can automatically send the referral reward announcement to all existing members and new members.

You can give a reward when a referee joins as a member or give a reward when a referee makes the first transaction.

Use social media sharing option 

You can also attach your loyalty program with social sharing options. Choose a loyalty programme software that offers that option. You can give points to members for sharing on their social media platform. This is a good way of promoting your loyalty program turning your members into brand advocates.

A great loyalty program software allows you to either create your own banner/ visual of your customer reward program to be shared on social media or allow your customers to add on your own. Create a wonderful visual of your promotion by using free tools like Canva ( https://www.canva.com/ ), Crello ( https://crello.com/ ), etc. Include the reward structure and sign up methods clearly.

You can additionally post this promotion on your own social media platforms, and reward your customers for sharing the post with their friends.

Use marketing automation tool to target different segments of customers

Sometimes a common reward program doesn’t work for each of your customers. In this case, it is best to segment your customers and design different programs based on their segments, be it age, gender, visit frequency, etc. By choosing a good loyalty software, you can set marketing automation to target by segments, target by groups or even target by individuals and promote your reward program accordingly.

Be consistent on the wordings, reward structure and visuals of your particular reward program to promote on different platforms. This will help customers not to get confused and you as a brand can help the customers to remember, recall and see many times to let them take action.