Poket Loyalty Program Software

Loyalty Program In-Store Setup

Building relationship with your customers is an important part of running your business. Every time a new customer makes an purchase at your physical store, takes this opportunity to turn a transaction into a lifetime relationship. Let’s get your in-store setup ready so that your team can easily sign up customers,  perform transactions, and grow your loyal customers base.

Step 1: Store Setup

• Store Name – The name of your store as you want your customers to identify it. For example, if you have a store in Dubai Mall, you can name your store simply as Dubai Mall.
• Store Type – Select Physical Store so that you can create store portal and store app login later.
Poket In-store setup step 1

Step 2: Store User Setup

• This is where you create your store login credential (user name and password) so that your in-store staff can access to the in-store portal/ app.
Poket loyalty Rewards Store User Setup

Step 3: Store Portal / Store App

• This is where your in-store staff use the login credential (created at step 2) and login to the store portal or store app

Store Portal

Go to website. https://brands.poket.com.sg/store/

Poket Rewards Store Login on PC


Store App

Download the “Poket Merchant” mobile app. https://poket.com.sg/merchant-app 

Poket Merchant App on iPad

Upon login, in-store staff can sign up customer  and perform transactions

Store Portal

Poket loyalty Program Store Portal Login

Store App

Poket loyalty Store App