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Are you fed up of trying out loyalty programs, again and again, just to not be cared for by your customers? They must be way too generic for your customers not to give it a damn! Captivating loyalty programs are designed to attract and retain your customers, but just having a loyalty program for the sake of having it is not enough.

Take no risk wasting your money and time, but rethink how different you could create a captivating loyalty program this time to stand out and break through the noise. No worries, we got some strategies for you!

Combine your imagination to design your captivating loyalty program

Your customers just want to feel special. Imagine your child’s birthday gift that you present with beautiful gift wraps, it entices them to unwrap instantly. It might seem like a small thing, but it will go a long way with your customers. Your loyalty program should also be designed in an aesthetically pleasing way so that your customers are attracted to see what you got in as an offer for them. You should take whatever aspects of your brand, vision, and community’s values you want to highlight and use them to visually tie your brand to your rewards program.

You can design different icons, images, etc. using many tools available online like Canva, Crello, PicMonkey, and many more. A small thing, but could make you stand out so that your customers are more inclined towards your brand!


Create a captivating loyalty program that reflects the name of your products

‘The Reward Program’/‘The Reward Card’, please for God’s sake, don’t make your loyalty reward program so humdrum! You should spend a few minutes to name your loyalty program something that reflects your brand, what values you want to represent to your customers or what you sell.

Engage and motivate your customers to achieve their goals with Gamification

Gamification is not a new concept, but still people get enticed with it. Create a gamification campaign that suits your customers’ persona. You might want to create a gamified loyalty program that allows customers to earn a badge on their each purchase and then unlock the next level up after accumulating a number of badges or create a gamified loyalty program that allows your customer to buy a product, play and win a prize, points or advance to the next level. You could think of so many creative ways to make them stick to your brand!

Pulling back your lapsed customers with personalised reward program

You know some of your existing customers have not visited your store for months, you should therefore give your best to pull back these customers. However, there might be different reasons for which they have not visited you for long. Your duty is to analyse these customers’ past shopping behaviour and curate personalised reward campaign to attract them. This reward campaign should be something that you think would really bring a smile to your customer and pull them to your store.

Give Reminders/ Status to your Customer of their loyalty points balance and expiry

Never stop engaging and connecting with your customers. People tend to forget you and it’s your duty to work on brand recall. Push them notifications, send your offers, let them know their balance points to come back to you.

Surprise them on their special occasions

You have got your customers’ data, now it’s your time to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity to please them on their special days. Use your marketing automation tools to get creative and send offers on their birthdays, and even be creative to offer something right on their first purchase with welcome rewards!

Make your brand special and make your customers feel special with a little creativity by you. This little effort by you would surely make each of your loyalty program a success. You need not blend into the crowd, but stand out!

Create your creative loyalty reward program Stand out from the crowd with the above tips.

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