Poket Loyalty Program Software

Loyalty Program for Hair Salon

Poket is a cloud-based loyalty software designed for your hair salon to increase traffic and grow revenue.

With Poket, you can run your own interactive loyalty program specifically designed for hair salons.

Loyalty Program for Hair Salon, Hair Spa, Hair Studio

Grow your revenue with Poket

Customers have plenty of options when choosing to go to hair salons, and that’s why salon owners need to stand out to garner attention. Hair Salon business owners are changing the way they engage with their customers- from rethinking customer journeys to developing digital solutions to reinvent the customer experiences. However, investment in technology and marketing can be expensive and cut into your margins. That’s why we have come up with a much affordable all-in-one digital customer rewards platform that will retain your customers and increase your revenue without destroying your cash flow. It is an easy and intuitive platform that takes just a few minutes to kickstart your loyalty programs!





Increase customer loyalty, encourage customers to spend more by creating a suitable loyalty program for your hair salon. 

Give customers the opportunity to earn points, give package services, stamps or cashback in a variety of ways for making purchases and other activities. Establish a long-term relationship by including a tiered based program.

loyalty program software for hair salon, hair studio, barbers
loyalty software for hair salon


No more, one size fits all, approach. Customize and personalize the rewards for your hair salon and attach e-vouchers to the loyalty program, campaigns, and other programs.

Right from signing up, birthdays, or even sending an instant deal at a discount, Poket got everything covered for the growth of your hair salon.






Your existing customers are your best advocates, and our Referral Program makes it easy for them to spread the word about your hair salon. Word of Mouth turns your deals shareable, empowering customers to introduce your hair salon to their family and friends with an enticing incentive.

customer loyalty software for hair studio, hair salon
customer loyalty program app for hair salon, hair studio





The more customized an offer—like a 10% discount to celebrate a birthday, or a free hair cut, free hairstyling, etc., the more chances to bring back the lapsed customer to your hair salon. Poket’s feature sends your customers automated campaigns to bring them back to your hair salon.

Customer Success Stories

Hombre Barbers is a new wave barbershop that brings a classic and contemporary approach to barbering. Hombre is using Poket Loyalty Software to build customer loyalty and greater customer experience.

Douglas Lima Hair is an all-inclusive salon that focuses on women’s transformations. They are using Poket Loyalty Software  to reward their customers and build customer loyalty.

With us you can make a difference!

Feel free to write to us for any questions or for any customisation of your hair spa loyalty program.