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Your loyalty reward programs need a powerful loyalty software to give you the maximum ROI. To implement loyalty programs, need a bit planning and to be successful in those, here are some tips on optimising your loyalty software.

Timely Reward your customers

Sometimes, loyalty rewards are set in such a way that it will take ages for the customer to achieve their goals. Businesses need to reward their customers regularly and timely in order to keep them motivated. Rewards, points, offers need to be set in such a way that your customers are frequented rewarded for their transaction or sometimes even being in your community. There are various programs you can choose from by choosing a right customer loyalty program software that you can set the frequency and points to help your customers achieve their goals. Even you can motivate your customers by providing them welcome gifts like joining bonus points or discount points on first purchase, etc. Also, don’t forget to reward or send gift offers on their special occasions like birthday, anniversary, etc. Reward your customers every now and then. These rewards do not necessarily be only discount offers, but you should also offer some experiential rewards to win their hearts.

Personalise reward and customer experience

You might be a victim of some very boring one for all rewards program that is not relevant to you. Why is it so? Because the reward program is not being personalised. In today’s competitive world,  just throwing a plain one-for-all reward program will never be successful. Find an intelligent loyalty software that allows you to segment and target your customers by providing analysis on customer data, shopping behaviour, transactional history, etc. Customers will gravitate towards a brand nowadays only if they feel that they are listening to them, pay attention to them and understands their requirements. That’s why, personalisation is very important and brands need to contextualise offers and experiences that they offer in the most unique way possible.

Listen to your customers’ feedbacks

Accept feedbacks and make improvements with speed. Your loyalty program software is helping you to retain your customers, but how long. What are the possibilities that you are not able to retain them for long? Why are they not making the same kind of transactions as before? Is there any issue in their service or product or the program itself? How do you keep a track of it? Your loyalty software solution should also give you this option of collecting feedback whenever possible. One right time to do this is while making a transaction, you reward your customer, also you get their feedback at that very time. It is the most suitable time to collect your customers feedback for your improvements and also keep your customers hopeful and motivated.

Give your customers multiple ways to access

Every customer is unique and behave in a different way. Your convenience might be a difficult situation for the other. That’s why giving multiple access modes for the viewing of their loyalty reward points  is very important feature in your customer loyalty software. Web based, simple way of tracking via emails is very easy, which is one the best ways for tracking points. Else, you can opt for a loyalty software that also has a loyalty app for customers. Select a loyalty software that can send notification emails, in-app push messages for any relay of messages or transactions to your customers. Having SMS feature could be another way you can add to your platform, where customers might not be willing to download the loyalty app, but want to get notification which they can easily access.

Hope the above tips will help optimising your loyalty software solution. However, if you are facing any challenges on implementing loyalty programs, please feel free to let us know.