loyalty management software

With so many choices of loyalty software, getting the right and the best loyalty management platform for your business can be challenging.

The biggest fear is- without experiencing the pros and cons of each of these platforms, how you are even going to accept a particular software to be your loyalty management tool. And what about the cost? Will there be any hidden charges? Can it increase sales without draining off my cash flow? Plenty of questions come to your mind while looking for the right loyalty management platform that might leave you frustrated. And, why not, when this software comes with a hefty price?

But not to worry. Here are eight things you need to consider as you look for your loyalty management software.

What would your ideal loyalty program look like?

If you already have a loyalty management platform but now considering switching to a different loyalty platform, then you have to make a list of all your likes and dislikes with the current platform.

Check out what’s working and what’s not working with your current program. Maybe it’s performing great for analyzing your reward programs, but when it comes to personalizing the rewards, it has no room for it. Maybe signing up your consumers is seamless but automating your campaigns is a pain.

Your marketing strategy might change, so you would love to have a flexible loyalty management platform that would give you the flexibility to change anytime you want.

Coming to choosing the ideal loyalty management software, you have to jot down all your likes and dislikes, features of your potential loyalty software vendors.

Does it support the type of loyalty programs that is right for my business?

When we talk about loyalty rewards, as a merchant, we associate the points earned to the target to be met by our customers. The point rewards system, tiers system, etc. are some of the common loyalty programs.

But, brands need to shake things up and find innovative new ways to build customer relationships and inspire customer loyalty. And, not to forget that one size doesn’t fit all.

Instant loyalty rewards like welcome offers work well with some customers, while some love surprises on their special occasions.

You have to make sure that your potential loyalty management software can support your customers’ preferences.

Will your loyalty management software save you time?

A complex system will not only kill your time but will also lead your customers to abandon you. Get a loyalty software that seamlessly onboard your customer and takes through the goal without any hassle. Also, to check out if your staff could pick it well because if you have a store, the staff will probably be handling member sign-ups.

Choose a loyalty management platform that has multiple ways for sign-up methods right from mobile no., email, scan QR code, etc.

If the loyalty platform has automation features like birthday automation, welcome automation, pull back lapsed customers, referral program automation, etc. then add some good points to this software in your list for consideration. It will save you time and so, your money.

What is the different mode of communication to your customers?

Sure your customers are not using the same mode of communication. So, it is effective to have multiple modes of communication like Push Messages, Emails, and even should support SMS.

The app is something that a good software platform will have for you; in fact, this is a great way to engage with your customers. But, not all customers will be okay to download an app, easily, so it’s always better to have other modes like emails & SMS for them.

Can I analyze my data for optimization?

Select a loyalty software that can track the insights of your customers’ behavior, member acquisition, spendings and optimize data for better performance.

For example, top spenders, average spendings, top products, number of returning customers- this data will help you to personalize your rewards and improve your products and services. Data collected from your loyalty program is legit and hence will be very effective in showing you good results in your marketing efforts.

Is there any option for sending personalized rewards or promotions?

If you personalize your communication in your loyalty programs, it always gets a better response and engagement rate. Personalizing a message or email with the customer’s name, including their tier status boost the ego of the customer and tend to stick to your brand.

But, not all loyalty software allows personalization. They might have simple elements like name personalization, but if you want to target only a particular customer with your rewards, you might find it hard to find that customer loyalty software that allows it. Targeted promotional rewards based on gender, segments, spendings, visit frequencies, etc. are also of the personalisation elements you should look for while selecting your potential loyalty management software.

What is the level of customer support?

Customer support or service is something that you can’t ignore while looking for the right loyalty management software. Check out if there are different modes for contacting and see their response level to understand their future service with you. If they are proactive in their response, you can consider adopting the platform.

And, last but not the least

Is it a cost-effective/ affordable solution?

This is something that almost everyone thinks of it in the first place. You always have to consider your return on investment. And, imagine considering a very costly software that you don’t even know if it would run your loyalty programme seamlessly as your wish! The enterprise-grade customer loyalty software is very risky to invest in before even having a taste of it. Consider software that allows you to first experience your loyalty management for free.

At Poket, we provide a DIY platform as well as an Enterprise-grade platform. The DIY platform has a unique pricing model with free plans.

Take into considerations all these points and make sure what works best for your business. It’s time to search for the best loyalty management software!

If you need any advice on loyalty programs, please feel free to reach out to us.